Careers guidance

Useful contacts

You are looking for institutions, information to choose your education and your job, you can contact these 3 structures that will give you objective information and without commercial purpose.

  • The CIO: National careers guidance centers, depend on the Ministry of Education. There is at least a CIO by district of school inspectorate.
  • The ONISEP: National office of Information About Teachings and Occupations, is a public institution under the supervision of the Ministry of Education. Public editor, Onisep develops and broadcasts all information about trainings and jobs to pupils, to parents and to educational teams.
  • The city of trades : of Haute-Normandie, is a place of information and proposes workshops and meetings around businesses.


Nous répondons à toutes les questions relatives aux études supérieures et à l'insertion professionnelle.
Je veux étudier comment faire ? J'envisage un métier, à qui en parler? Je dois faire un stage, où chercher ?