Advising Companies

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Whether it is about an internship, an alternation contract, a fixed-term contract or an open-ended contract, it isn’t obvious to welcome a disabled person in a Company. Companies need to have a relay person (different from the student’s family), familiar with the student and his (or her) disabled situations, this person can answers their questions and guide them in the insertion process. In this context, HANDISUP’s expertise is highly appreciated...

We establish a relationship of trust with our business partners and consider, case by case, each situation so that we can find solutions to the problems raised.

We move in the Companies and depending on the disability types, we organize tracking visits, teams awareness meetings, follow-up meetings. We are very available for companies who welcome young students followed by HANDISUP in internship or employment.

Furthermore, in order to reduce discrimination, we are going up to support students’ applications if necessary. Indeed, the consequences of some disabilities remain unknown for employers. Our mission is that we don’t let prejudices reduce to nil the employability chances of young people.

Partner Companies are invited in our forums where they can meet young people (from bac to bac+5) looking for internships, summer jobs, alternation jobs or contracts.


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