Very active volunteers

A true association!

A true association!

Handisup is an association in its original sense. The 346 members are people concerned by the subject (students, families, young employees). They participate completely in the life of the association. A lot of actions couldn’t be organized without the dynamism and the enthusiasm of young and less young people, with or without disability, who offer some of their spare time without any financial counterparty.

The number of volunteers doesn’t stop increasing to reach 80 in 2015. They all can benefit from trainings organized by Handisup in order to know the disability and how to react in any circumstances.

The members participate in the actions opened to people with or without disability called «Handisup Anim ». Everyone participates or offers help to the best of their individual ability.

Nous répondons à toutes les questions relatives aux études supérieures et à l'insertion professionnelle.
Je veux étudier comment faire ? J'envisage un métier, à qui en parler? Je dois faire un stage, où chercher ?