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Editorial page from our CEO and founder: Jean-Jacques MALANDAIN

Editorial page from our CEO and founder: Jean-Jacques MALANDAIN

“In 1998, when we created HANDISUP with some students and some activists, we wanted to facilitate the studies and the occupational integration of the disabled students.


After 15 years of determination and actions, we finally succeeded. Young people from Haute‑Normandie who have a handicap can study from now on and get the employment that they chose, at the level of their skills.


Nothing is ever acquired. Regarding disability,  it is ceaselessly necessary to innovate because the world evolves, because today’s young people’s expectations are not exactly the same as yesterday, because some particular handicaps oblige us to push back the limits of what is possible, because progress was made in children’s accompaniment from the school, because young people dare to be ambitious, they have beautiful projects.


HANDISUP continues to adapt itself to answer to individual needs by proposing innovative projects with the aim of autonomy and employment. Private and public partners are essential to us and I want to thank them all.  Indeed, each in its responsibilities or its skills brings a financial support but not only. They also contribute to return both company and higher education as accessible as possible by learning from our expertise notably.


So, in 2015, Handisup will have brought its support for more than 1000 young disabled people living in Haute-Normandie. These pioneers represent the hope for the generations to come. Everybody will have understood that the accessibility, in its widest meaning, is at the heart of our concerns because our society becomes more inclusive while creating universities, companies, departments, accessible devices. "

Jean-Jacques MALANDAIN

Handisup’s President

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