Accessibility: What about the law?

Since the Law of February 11th 2005: Accessibility to all!

Following the principal of non-discrimination, the Law of February 11th 2005 has created new advances regarding accessibility.

Make accessible to persons with reduced mobility the institutions receiving public (new or renovated) was an obligation since law of 1991.

The Law of February 11th, 2005 and its decrees have gone much further by guaranteeing accessibility to all people with disabilities of the city.

In addition, architectural properties, interior and exterior housing equipment, whether publicly or privately owned, public establishments and work places must all be accessible to people with disabilities, whatever is the impairment type. (Physical, sensory, cognitive, mental, psychological, etc...) 

Institutions receiving public

  • Independently making buildings accessible

"Existing public establishments must be equipped so all people with disabilities can easily access them, circulate within and receive information with as much independence as possible”.

Access conditions must be the same for those with disabilities as for those non-disabled. For example, opening hours must be the same as those offered to the public, access to elevators and to toilets must be available, etc.

  • The accessibility chain

The chain of mobility, which includes all public institutions, road construction, developments to public property and transportation systems, is organized in such a way to allow total access to people with disabilities or reduced mobility.

  • Access to Information

Information directed towards the public must be broadcasted by means adapted to different disabilities.

All online public communication services for the government, regional groups and public establishments must be accessible to people with disabilities.


Find all information on the website Accessiweb.

For more information

Ministerial delegation to accessibility: HERE

Le COLIAC, accessibility observatory, offers a complete list of texts and standards on their website:  COLIAC.

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